AdSense earning or admob earning-which is best for my online business

AdSense earning and admob earning. Which one is best for my online business

blogging has become old stuff and stepback earning platform. ask me why?

to be frank, I'm not here to discourage you on yur blog business but remember I'm also a  blogger too but decided to dumped it because I found another way which to me I think it's more profitable in terms of online earning.

well, if I may guess, you might have heard about admob or app earning. cool! this has been practice by thousands of app developers in the world but still the competition is highly slow especially when you have to consider Nigeria or Africa at large. if I may ask, how many app developers do you know? lol...few ryt??

 but now, if I ask about how many Bloggers do you know someone can even list up to 50 just now.

ok. how about app?????

Great question!. with app you can earn more than 500$ in a day, more a enough than what you have been hustling on yur Google AdSense for more than a month. BIG LoL!!!!!

I write this post not to discourage you about your blogging but with the mind to introduce you to a more better ways to earn money online.

if you really wanna know more or grab the mighty experience about app earning I suggest you should download My chat app (chatbuk) and lets talk business over there. I'm at your doorstep 24/7 to put you through.

will be expecting your pinging.
you are welcome in advance!

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