How To Monitize Mobile App

How To Monitize App

Hello world!
It has been a while. Today, I would like to shed more light on app monetization. Recently, some buddies were asking me that apart from Google AdSense which other way someone can earn online.

Well, in my first post which is "AdSense earning or admob earning. Which is best for my online business" I distinguished the different between AdSense and  admob. If you haven't read I suggest you should read my first post on app monetization before we continue.

I recently told you that I was depending on AdSense earning before I leter realized that they are more easiest ways to earn online.

There I go!

Before you can start earning with app you must first develop or design your own app and you must have an admob account or any other publisher's account( I prefer admob).

Actually, you must have technical knowledge on computer programming, Javascript to be precise. Why javascript?

JavaScript is what mostly entails app programming. Also, there are some tools to work with. In this article i  will explain the one that I mostly used which is Android studio. This tool has been the best for me as I found it more easy and more faster when considering web app and smart games programming.

Someone might ask, "what if I don't have a technical knowledge on computer programming?"

Cool, it's well, just shout "huuuww" since you have found this platform. Why? Because, here in my next post I will outline some softwares/websites that will help you to develop any kind of app without programing.

How many days or weeks I will take before my admob account will be approved?

As I told you earlier, admob account is the most simplest Google earning account to get online. Let me sight an example with my own account. It was just like a play when I applied for admob account. Actually, I wasn't think that it will get approved in a very short period of time.

A day after I applied for the account I received an email that my admob account has been approved. I thought It was a joke untill I checked the account and found that it has been approved.

Then, I was working on my chat app "chatbuk" so after I finished the programing I tested the app with about 20 users. Cool enough!

When I received a word of appraisal from my app users then I decided to keep pushing. I didn't mind running the admob account on it until I got 1k users via my news site/blog.

That was when I embeded the admob account in the app. Some hours after I embedded the account I started seeing the ad banner in my app. Wow! It was great then, I try to check my earnings three days after I embedded the account and I found that some dollars are counting.
Hhhhhhhhh..das how I laughed out that moment.

In my next post I will elaborate on how to develop app without coding. And if you really need a perfect app to run over life time you can contact me and I will get the job done for you in  a very short period of time.

Thanks for hanging around with us!
Always remind you!
Forget about Google AdSense, app earning is the best!<
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