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This tutorial demonstrates you how to use an Azure mobile app backend to add a cloud-based backend service to an Android mobile app.

A fresh mobile app backend will be created as well as a straightforward Android Todo list app that shops Azure app information.

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Well, let's check with my best guides how to build a mobile app in azure.

Completing this tutorial is a prerequisite for using the Mobile Apps function in Azure App Service for all other Android tutorial

Requirements: You need the following to finish this tutorial.

  • Android Developer Tools, which contains the built-in development environment of Android Studio, and the recent Android platform.
  • SDK for Azure Mobile Android.
  • An active account for Azure (create here).
  • Sign in to the Azure portal to create a fresh Azure mobile app backend.
  • Click the Resource Creation button. 
  • Type Web App in the search box.
  • Select the Marketplace Web App from the results list.
  • Select your Subscription and Resource Group (select or create an existing resource group (using the same name as your app).
  • Choose a unique Web app name.
  • Select the default Code Publish option.
  • You must pick a version under ASP.NET or Node in the Runtime Stack.
  • Select a version under ASP.NET if you are constructing a. NET backend.

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If you are targeting a node-based application, otherwise pick one of the node-based versions.

  • Select the correct Linux or Windows operating system.
  • Select the region where you want to deploy this app.
  • Select and hit Review and generate the suitable App Service Plan.
  • Select an current resource group or generate a fresh one under Resource Group (using the same name as your app).
  • Click the Create button.

Wait a couple of minutes before proceeding to effectively deploy the service. See the Notifications (bell) icon for status updates in the portal header.

Upon completion of the deployment, press the Deployment Details section and then click Microsoft.

Web / sites Type Resource. It will navigate you to the web app you've just developed for the App Service.

Click on the Settings configuration blade and press on the New Application Settings button in the Application Settings.

Enter Name as MobileAppsManagement EXTENSION VERSION and Value as the latest and hit OK in the Add / Edit application setting section.

You're all set to use as a mobile app this newly developed App Service Web app.

Now we've explained on how to create mobile app in azure with the fundamental guides.

Click here to connect to the database and configure the project client and server.

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