The Best Way To Use Social Media For Business

Reasons why social media is the best platform for small entrepreneurs

Hello social Elites!

I was encouraged to write this article to all social media users because it helped me to run my blog business across the globe.

I write this article today to inform you that social media is not just a catch-fun avenue but also a platform for small business entrepreneurs where you can promote your offline businesses.

Back on the point, as a small business entrepreneur you have to take social media very important platform to publicize your adverts, be it Facebook, twitter, insta. Or WhatsApp. There are many reasons
that will prove you the best way to use social media for business

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 Why? because as an entrepreneur your major priority is the customers/consumers.

With the advance in technology majority of people are gathered on social media to catch fun, seek for knowledge or to digest news updates.

For instance, a facebook user can spend more than 3hours on Facebook everyday, which if calculated in a week (3x7=21)you will  have a chance of

21hours(almost to 1 good day) to keep a Facebook user viewing/reading your advert or products that you shared on Facebook.

There are many entrepreneur social media course that you can try online

The more people are viewing/ reading about your products the  More great Chance it will cause for someone to request for your products.

There are more social media entrepreneur ideas that can guide you to sell your products on social media

Therefore, I advice my fellow entrepreneurs to take social media very serious because now aday people are more buzy on social media than in a real life.

Imagine a civil servant  working about 8hours every weekday in his/her office cannot go to the market everyday but he/she can stream on social media even during the work hours. You can find more tips about the best way to use social media for business in my next post

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