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I have gotten a ton of inquiries from my app users and my blog subscribers asking that for what good reason don't I used to

post blogging tips on Bilaltechi however my particular specialty is mobile app development and monitization.

The reasons behind why was on the grounds that, there are thousands of blogsite on the internet

that you can get blogging tips however the fundamental issue is getting a right guides. Anyway, I will drop this post here today and

I will continue composing significant hints that will assist you with taking your blog to the next level (particularly blogspot blog).

In any case, I'm taking a shot at my first digital book which is tittled as "fuel for your online hustle in 2020" and will be propelled on this blog on first January, 2020. Unless otherwise.

I will post the e-book abstract on this blog as quickly as time permits. The digital book involves a super guides on the best way to get deals on the web.

It will show you how to sell your very own items online as opposed to depending on Google AdSense and affiliate promoting.

There are a huge number of web journals online today, however just a bunch of individuals do bring home the bacon from it.

Do you know why? Here's the mystery! Sorry to decieve you, however there  IS NO SECRET!

The main approaches to create gigantic salary online is to deal with your blog regularly.

On the off chance that you are one of (Bilaltechi) normal guest you will noticed that I post here regularly unless otherwise.

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List of the things I do once a day. 

1. Writing quality content on my blog

2. Generating traffic to my blog

3. Gather more RSS memberships and email database leads

4. Peruse and answer messages

There is one more thing to feature and that is, you have to LEARN HOW TO SELL ONLINE. 

About Selling Online 

Truly, I detest doing deals. I abhor conversing with individuals offline that is the reason why I chose to do it online. Since at most occasions when you are selling on the web, it's not you who is selling,

it is really the site doing basically everything for you, I surmise that is the excellence of Internet Marketing.

I prepared numerous novices on Facebook groups and I understood why a few bloggers neglect to make a deal on their website/blog or online business. It is essentially down to just 2 reasons.

  • Reason No.1 - They Are Afraid To Sell And Not Sure What To Sell And Would Keep On Being Very Picky In What To Sell Online 
  • Reason No.2 - They Lack The Motivation And Spirit To Drive Traffic and Collect Leads Consistently To Their Business And Blame Everyone Else Except THEMSELVES 

How would I realize this is regular for everybody? Well I was likewise simply like you 2 years back that is the reason I

surmise after over 2 years of research and experiences. Truly only 2 years, I would not joke about this.

I understood that having an orderly method for doing things is the best way to assemble a steady and solid

website/blog which is the thing that my guide here is about. You may be shock when I said I began to learn blogging 2 years prior.

All things considered, to be completely forthright Bilaltechi isn't much over a month (as of August, 2019)

You can check my about page leter. I began to master blogging for quite a while prior,

before I bounced into blogging this offer me the chance to get a handle on all what it would take to make a productive blog.

My initial 5 post on Bilaltechi is tallying more than 4000+ online visits. WATCH ME TAKING BILALTECHI TO THE NEXT LEVEL!
First 5 posts views on Bilaltechi

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the time that I provided for getting the hang of blogging before I began blogging has allowed me to run a blog flawlessly. Owk, gives hop access to the primary point here.

Tips On getting your first deal in only 3 days is extremely conceivable. When you set your focus on it NOTHING is impossible.

I will expound more in this blog on the most proficient method to compose an extraordinary e-book(s) and get deals on the web.

In any case, what you should remember is, consistently be dependable individual, educate individuals the reality regarding you and your business.

Try not to believe that may be "this is online no one knows me physically" however reputation truly matters.

On the off chance that you don't enlighten your guests the reality concerning yourself no one will mind to inquire your blog talkless of purchasing your items.

In any case, this isn't the theme of talk now. Our point is Top 10 Mistakes In Blogging To Avoid In 2019 and there we go!

Give me a chance to pose you this inquiry. Have you at any point addressed yourself why your blog is tumbling down while

others are there making their 5 fiqures just by doing the same thing that you are doing?

List of the Top 10 Mistakes In Blogging To Avoid In 2019 which a pro blogger will never let you know. 

Many bloggers consistently fizzle due to the following: 

1. You would not learn before yu begin blogging

2. Miserliness: most of the Bloggers consistently accepted that creating a profitable blog is hundred percent

3. Despirate to make cash quick

4. Manuever or indicating savvy or "over sabi" (I too know). My friend Google supervisors are more smarter than you.

5. Reluctant with WordPress blog and Google AdSense. The greater part of Bloggers believed that when you're on self-

hosting platform (WordPress) you don't need to SEO your blog and you wind up posting without getting ranked on google.

6. Misconception of blogspot blog. Who disclose to you that you can't profit with blogspot blog.

7. Posting or publishing articles any how. When you publish articles any how definitely you will surely be ranked any how on google..BIG LOL!

8. Not adhering to Google guidelines. For instance, somebody want to employ you and you generally demonstrate to him that

your own particular manners are the best. You will wind up squandering your time.

9. Accepting that you can't compete with your competitors. So, you want to make money blogging and you are fleeing from

profitable NICHES because you can't compete with others in your niche. My friend tight your belt. Nothing comes easy.

10. Not knowing " how to get everything on Google". You have been utilizing Google since before you began blogging yet getting right information on Google is another issue to you.

On the off chance that you can figure out how to get everything on Google my friend your blog achievement is an objective!!!

So now, what would it be a good idea for me to do since I have seen this issues on Bilaltechi blogsite?

without clarifying further, you definitely comprehend what to do next and if I should explain further it should be in my next post.

Simply subscribe to Bilaltechi and lets continue pushing together.

We are here to share knowledge and experiences. You can impart your plans to great individuals on Bilatechi.

On the off chance that your blog blow tomorrow without offering the tips to us God will never pardon you and if

Bilaltechi blow today you have succeed as of now on the grounds that each tip that I utilized is the thing that I shared on Bilaltechi.

I'm here (truly, I would not joke about this. Just me) to give you an inspiration and rouse you to vanquished your tycoons dreams. Bilaltechi additionally need an inspiration.

Subsequently, share it in a remark box underneath. A debt of gratitude is in order for sticking around with us!

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Please share with good people on social media. Take a tea and check back later for more hints like this. Thank you!

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