how to make app download faster on apple store and play store

Just yesterday, a friend came to my place he was asking about a platform or app that he can create banner and sort of things like that. I suggested  bannersnack for him to use and create all kind of banner that he likes. Bannersnack has been my best platform to create all kind of blog banners and video ads that I like. You can also head straight to their website and give a test to their services.

I believe you will enjoy it. Well, after suggesting bannersnack to my friend, I asked him why wouldn't he try some apps that can be used to create banners which are available on apple store, unfortunately he was telling me that he couldn't be able to install app from apple store to his smartphone.

I thought may be he might have a low storage on his smartphone. Because, some times when you try to install apps from apple store/play store and you have a low storage on your smartphone definitely it will shows that you must uninstall some apps before you can be able to install a new one from either play store or apple store. But, my Friend's case was different.

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So, I make a little research on Google to confirm what causes the problem. After going through some articles online, i find out that the solution for our mistakes is quite easy. Therefore, I decided to share with you guys here.

Best way to make app download faster on IOS

when installing from apple store
as iOS updates or downloads various applications, find on the home screen the one you need to use immediately. You'll understand it's not downloading if it says "Waiting..." instead of "Installing..." Use 3D Touch to force the app, then select "Prioritize Download" from the fast actions. The app will switch to "Install..." mode once you do it.

If you discover that the app does not start installing instantly, force-press the downloading app icon and select "Pause Download." This should surely kick in the other download. Just don't be amazed to see other applications also installing — your iPhone can simultaneously update up to three applications.

While it is sad that this trick can only be achieved with 3D touch-enabled iPhones, we hope that sometime in the future this will be introduced on the iPhone XR. Apple has already updated the iPhone XR for Haptic Touch notifications, so it's not out of the domain of opportunities to see Haptic Touch instruments coming to home screen applications.

Conclusion: many android and ios users find it difficulty to understand how to make app download faster on apple store and play store. But now I believe you know how to solve this problem in case of next time. For androids users, it's quite simple, just make sure that you update your apps frequently. Not when almost all of them are outdated. Updating your apps is very important my friend. Someone might be facing this type of issues elsewhere.

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