3 Tips On How To Buy Cheapest Used Car Online In Nigeria

Used cars
Used cars

I'm very sure that you're probably tired of transport expenses. Now, you need a used car to buy so as to increase the weight of your pocket from unnecessary expenses. May be your workplace is far away from your resident and now its time for you to take the chance of buying a used car. Well, you have a "DOPE" plan.

But before I put you through the 3 Tips On How To Buy Cheapest Used Car Online In Nigeria, I have some little advice for you which I think it's very important to tell you before you buy any cheapest used car online.

We all know that anything cheap has a side effect. A hausa man used to say "siyan nagari mai da kudi gida" though I'm not so good in speaking hausa language. This quote means when you buy something that worth the price, is the same as getting it for free!

Something very valuable doesn't comes with "cheap" or "cheapest" tags. So, be careful when you're buying "cheap car" online or from any "used car lot" close to your place. Most of this people selling "cheap used cars" will outsmart you to buy what you will end up regretting at leter times. It happened with so many people in my area. So, I'm talking from an experience.

The worst part is, you might be scammed when you're not very careful. That is why its very important to know who you're buying the car from. If you're buying a used car online its good you have a perfect review of the website or a review of the car which you're intending to buy.

There are lot of blog sites that review used cars. Products review is very important as you will know more about the price and quality of the product(s) that you want to buy online.

According to https://cbc.ca, stated that people shouldn't buy cheapest car rather they should save some money and buy a new car.

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Buying the most cheapest used car is not a mistake but make sure you know where and who you are buying the car from. Since the introduction of social network, a lot of car resellers have been trading cars online and on social media legitimately but some folks used this advantage to scam people both online and social media, especially those who are so eager to buy car when they see advert banners on social media.

It's better you consult a car Blogger to help you get report from car companies as most of them have connection with trusted car dealers. Sometimes companies used to advertise their on-sales-cars on blog sites that review cars and auto parts. Example, the one you're reading this post from.

When you visit any blog that you think they can help you get cheapest used car to buy online just hover to their contact page and "hi" them via email or their contact number. If you think it will be a little time consuming, here are list of 3 tips for you on how to buy cheapest used car online in Nigeria. You can use this method to find the best and cheapest used car to buy online in Nigeria.

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The 3 tips below will cover this questions:

  • What is the cheapest used car?
  • How do I find cheap used cars?
  • What is the cheapest and most reliable car?
  • Where is the cheapest place to buy a car?

List of 3 tips on how to buy cheapest used car online in Nigeria


1. Seek for Advice

It's very important to listen to a number of opinion from your friends and relatives. May be you have a friend that owned a used car, tap experience from him/her, let him tell you the pros and cons of buying a used car online. Be more focused on the maintenance when you're asking questions related to cheapest used car to buy online in Nigeria. Ask for their suggestions on which car model will they prefer.

If you can be a little open about your finance, you can tell them your budget as it will help them to give you a better suggestions. I know some people don't like to expose their finances. Some will even buy car without the consent of their parents, wife, friend, and children.

How many of your friends do you know that when they are planning to buy something they will call the attention of their children and tell them..lol.. Very few right?

It's very paramount to invite them into your life, you can jokingly ask your child the type of car that he want to buy when he grow up. After his response, ask him why did he like the car. The answer might be very funny but at some point, there must be something to pick out of it.


2. Online research

I have previously talk on this, but let me shed more light as its one of the important method to find the cheapest used car to buy online or offline. A big thanks to Larry page (the founder of Google) he has immensely contributed in the world of advanced technology. As a Blogger, Google is my best friend and my silent teacher, it help me solve a lot of problems. When ever I want more information about something, I will just hover to my browser and type my query...Boom! Everything is done!

I will just pick from a lot of results that best answered my query. For every questions, there must be answer for it on Google unless you don't use the right keywords.

For instance, if you want to search for the best website to buy cheapest used car, you can use keywords like "used car for sale" or "used car for sale near me".

So, using the right keywords you can point out your targeted website without searching and searching on Google untill you suck out your DATA.

actually, there are trusted website to buy cheapest used cars online. If you want to buy used car from Nigeria you can check this website that sell cheapest used cars in Nigeria.

3. Post on nairaland forum

Nairaland is a Nigerian forum that has about 2,336,767 million members. There are different threads on Nairaland ranging from entertainment, education, webmaster, sport gist, and many more. Nairaland is a fun based forum for all Nigerians and the world at large. The forum isn't only a catch-fun joint but also a community of small business entrepreneurs. A lot of people run legit businesses on nairaland including myself.
Nairaland forum
Nairaland forum

They give opportunity for business entrepreneurs to run adverts on their platform at a very low cost. Therefore, if you have a business you can also utilize nairaland forum to promote your products and get more sales.

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Now let us see how you can use nairaland forum to get the perfect information about the cheapest used car that you want to buy online. It's quite simple, just one to two steps will get you there.

Firstly, visit nairaland.com. If you don't have an account create one. From the home page just click "create account" and provide all the required information about yourself e.g username, password, address and bla bla bla.

After creating your account, from the home page, click "car talk" thread and post your question. Make sure you include the car model,  color of your choice and price. Remember to include your contact number ( I prefer whatsApp number to avoid getting unnecessary calls) after posting, view your post and copy the link on top of your browser and save it somewhere in your PC or smartphone.

The reason why I suggest you should copy the link is because, your post might be disappear as people will keep posting different topics 2/47. So, when you save your post link you can paste the link in your browser anytime to see the reply on your post.

This will help you to avoid scrolling and scrolling down to find your post when you want to see people's reply on your post. I'm sure you don't even need this once you includes your whatsApp contact in the post. Those who have "used cars" for sale or that can  connect you with the dealers will definitely call you or hit you on whatsApp. Job done!


Wise up friend. As they are folks out there that can easily scam you. Make sure you trace anyone that give you information about the car. And make sure that he's not a scammer.

How to avoid being scammed

  • Don't send money to anyone unless you have seen the car with your naked eyes and confirmed that it's for sale
  • Make a deal directly with the dealer. Don't trust anyone that will say he can connect you with a trusted dealer
  • Don't send money to the dealer untill he connected you with the owner of the car or company agent.
  • If anyone asked you to come to a particular place/state to see the car, make sure you survey the environment before you go there
  • Please If you're going, don't go there with liquid money/ATM card (I suggest you should send someone to represent you)
  • If you're buying from trusted website.
  • Make sure you follow them on all social chats e.g Facebook, twitter and Instagram to see their recent updates and people's engagement on their social channels. You can detect a fraud website through their social channels.

Conclusion: Hope you find this post very important. I have some hand-picked car accessories that you may like to purchase to make your car looks more classic and swaggy.. Please don't forget to share on social media and drop your comment if you have a question for me. Subscribe for more tips like this on weekly basis. Thanks for visiting!

These are little from "just my thinking" and "past experiences"

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