11 reasons why most people fail in life, make a move and change for a better living

Living a poor life in a poor village

  • You have no reason for living a hopeless life
  • You have no reason for giving up in life
  • You have no reason for not giving a trial
Nothing comes easy in life. Become strong and live stronger. I always said to myself "the best day is a day before learning" and yes its. The paths for learning are always bumpy, Learn new things everyday though it would never be easy but surely one day it would sound in your voice.

A wise man once said; on the off chance that you take all the cash on the planet and share it equally among individuals, sooner or later, all the money will return to their unique proprietors. Why?

The poor are for the most part consumers and the rich are primarily investors. Show me a POOR man and I'll demonstrate to you a man who

P – Passes 

O – Over 

O – Opportunities 

R – Repeatedly. 

Broke life

A man who sees difficulties in each open door as opposed to seeing open door in each challenges.

Taking care of business isn't a title, it's an obligation. It implies you need to answer monetarily in the

M – Morning 

A – Afternoon and 

N – Night.

You should go out on a limb to get more prominent prizes.

You should design and strategize, you should esteem benefit not compensation, you should be engaged and you should be resolved on the off chance that you need great achievement.

To wrap things up, You should include God.

The most noticeably awful individuals on earth to serve are the POOR PEOPLE

POOR: "Ignoring Opportunities Repeatedly"

See the reasons underneath:

1) Give them for nothing, they will think it is a snare.

2) Tell them it's a little venture, they will say you can't procure much.

3) Tell them to come in BIG, they will say "I don't have any cash".

4) Tell them to attempt new things, they will say "no experience; has it been demonstrated to work? Who has picked up from it previously?".

5) Tell them it's a conventional business, they'll state "it's too HARD to even consider doing".

6) Tell them it is another plan of action, they will say "I don't do system showcasing and how long has this plan of action been existing?".

7) Tell them to run a shop, they will say "I will be secured, I'll have no opportunity".

8) Tell them to pursue a 5-year business course, they will say "it's excessively long. If it's not too much trouble I can hardly wait for such a long time".

9) Ask them what would they be able to do? They will say "I can do ANYTHING".

10) They like to ask companions who are as sad as themselves to get their suppositions.

11) They think in excess of a University Professor and do act exactly as visually impaired man.

Not great with finances shrewd, Pound silly.

One noteworthy test a POOR man has is "Absence OF ACTION!"

They make the most of their customary range of familiarity, abiding and swimming in their "very own sort of learning".

Anything past their explanation "can't work, and along these lines it is false"

Keep in mind: It's RISKY to take a risk, however it's considerably More RISKIER not to take a risk by any means…




*Learn to evaluate new things*

The world isn't managed distinctly by prayer warriors however by mental warriors who act and push with all they have. I'm here to impart a large number of thoughts to you. I'm not good than you nor successful like you. But I'm here to share a little that I know which I called "just my thinking" and "past experiences". Don't wait untill the moon sparkle take your light and make a step!

I will run a program called DIY (Do It Yourself) on this platform consistently. In case you're interested in my free guide on business planning, a one-click subscription to Bilaltechi.com can make you arrive on my updates.

Act now!!!!!!

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