A powerful tips to prevent AdSense disable and get AdSense safe clicks

It has been a while I dropped a post here. Well, i have been working on my final year project both the thesis and architectural designs.

You know how it is to combine the two, life as an architect has never been easy bro. And being a blogger again!

Some times I would feel like why do I even started..lol.. But it's well, just some few months, two or less to grab my certificate (Bsc. Architecture). I hope you guys will

patronize with some contracts. Not necessarily a mega project, I'm owk with even a small Manson or just ordinary bungalows. Hmm.. I will showcase some of

my architecturals designs which I drafted for my clients. I started designing houses since when I was in 300level. Getting some cash to manage while in school.

Well, my topic for today is a kind of hot cake because only the most luckiest Bloggers will reach this powerful tips. I write this post because recently I got

AdSense approval for Bilal-apptechi.blogspot.com which I sold the AdSense account to my friend. My friend was

https://bilal-apptechi.blogspot. com

sharing with me how he has been trying to get AdSense account for his blog. But, unfortunately when ever he got the

AdSense Google will ban it (invalid clicks) I explained to him why Google keep banning his AdSense account after getting approval. They are some few mistakes that we

innocently find ourselves doing which will hook off our online earning, AdSense to be precise. So, I decided to write this powerful tips for my good people on this platform.

Need more clicks for Adsense Safe on your website? In this post, I will share a secret with you that you can use it to get more adsense secure clicks and increase your income without becoming a victim of adsense prohibition

If you ignore your clicks, making cash from Google Adsense can suck you dry. What if I say that getting more individuals to click on your advertisements is now hazardous? Meanwhile, even with Contact Us forms,

contacting the Google Adsense team is now amazing. Well, do you understand that without a ban you can still get those endless and secure Adsense clicks?

Once Google Adsense suspends your account, it becomes very difficult for them
to answer to your messages, making live

miserable, at that point you'll feel like the floor should open and swallow you up. But what if I tell you, is how you can totally

prevent bitter tales; and, most importantly, through these techniques, you can get safer clicks, which will triple your Adsense earnings?

See, you're innocent many times, but you're still being penalized while improving your Tariff Click. For example, you would see

large amounts of clicks in your account, but for that whole day, all results in $0.00. Well, if that goes such way, dsense ban knocks at the gate.

Below Is How to Get More Adsense Safe Clicks and prevent being banned

AdSense displays advertisements on your site, and when individuals click on it, you receive cash. So you want as many individuals as possible to click on them. If

you want more secure clicks on your adsense and your income skyrocket then consider these tips I have for you

1. Choosing The Right Ad Placement is a key

The way you place advertisements on your website has a very important part to play when it comes to receiving more clicks.

Many individuals are unaware of the reality that using the incorrect ad placement approach can have a adverse impact on their clicks.

I realized placing a rectangle below the header of your blog converts most. Using this placement is good and sooner ofr later

you will start seeing positive results. But only when you reduce the page's banner placements. Its a no new thing that

Publishers get unsafe clicks these days because they Bombard their pages with advert placements.

Google does not suggest that publishers flood their websites with advertisements that are not Google formally. Google Policy

advised publishers that content would be much more than advertisements. But it doesn't prevent publishers littering a page with advertisements, though.

As a consequence of putting ads that are not formally from google, the most painful component of it all findings in invalid clicks is that these clicks are genuine, sad thing is.

Bots calculating your income invalidate your cash if a click on the advertisement page does not land completely.

The lesser you place ads, the cleaner your page will be. Anything more than this will
slow down your page load speed time more

and discourage organic clickers. Poor user experience will send signals of invalidity clicks and adsense wont hesitate to strike.

2. The Design/style Of Your Blog Also Determines Your Ads Clicks

If your site's design isn't nice enough you'll have a few clicks because you understand why? Your tourists may come and leave

without even spending dome time on your site, as your site does not have a nice layout for a healthy user's experience.

When designing your website or selecting a theme, you should do well to pick the best theme and not just some piece of crap that

will make it difficult for your visitors to browse through your site efficiently. Having a nice design makes your site appealing and even more professional.

3. Quality and evergreen contents

The main reason your visitors come to your website is to read what you have to offer on your website, but what if you don't

have good material to offer? They will leave and never come back again. You can purchase traffic through Google, Facebook or another site to boost the amount of

traffic on your site. On the other side, this considerably reduces your earnings, especially when the ads you’re using are not that expensive.

There are over 40 billion blogs on the internet right now, so blogging has shifted from a volume game to a high-quality game Instead of generating more content, attempt

to make a few more. The better the content, the more people will be interested in it and the more people on social media and around the web will share it.

4. The size of your ads matters

Google allows you to choose from different dimensions. The bigger the size, the better the income. As you understand, the

stronger your income, the worse your page's responsiveness. But with top-notch page responsiveness, you will always obtain infinite secure clicks.

5. Your ads type also play a vital role

Converted image ads are better than advertisements for text or links. Because of
the attractiveness of this type of ad, Google

pays more. If you're going to boost your Adsense income, devote more to picture advertisements. With picture

advertisements, you'll get safer clicks. The reason for this is that most of the link ads don't receive income. These actual clicks can be misinterpreted by bots to invalid clicks.

6. Make use all of your ad blocks and a little big

Use all the blocks of your ads. This improves the ad spaces on your website advertisers can bid on and provides you a better general RPM as well as improving

your opportunities for a click. For each section of your site, you are permitted to use 3 ad blocks and 3 connection units.

Forget all of Adsense's other size alternatives. It's better for the bigger. Forget to try to mix it into your content, just make it visible so that people can't miss it. I did

comprehensive color testing and came to one conclusion: mixing is not always the solution. As soon as individuals can see them, if they are interested in it, they will press on it.

7. Try using text and image ads

With Adsense, you can choose whether your ad unit is based on picture or text. Try using Text & Image based unless you are seriously in love with one sort of ad. Using

both text and picture choices, you can bid more advertisers (text ad bids and picture ad bids) and increase your general cost per click.

Don't expect to see CPC jumping instantly. It's not a enormous boost from my experience, but over time it pays more per click than just a text or a picture ad.

8. Have you think of content size and how relevant it is? A powerful key!

How helpful it is to tell your content on the Bounce Rate of your page. The longer a visitor remains in your site, indicating how

secure your clicks are. It wouldn't be secure to click a visitor who hardly spent 10 seconds on your website. So what can you do then? Add size and significance to your

content. This lowers the bounce rate on your page. Not only will you enhance your Adsense clicks, but you will also save your clicks.

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Conclusion: How to Get Adsense Safe Clicks Without Ban Have you discovered it useful after reading this article on how to get Adsense Safe Clicks? Give it a sharing thumbs!

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