Best wireless car charger for iPhone and all you need to know about the design and price before buying online


It's time to change your old car charger for iPhone. You might have been using cable charger for your iPhone this while but now I'm introducing you to the best car charger for iPhone and all you need to know about the design and price before buying online. Last time I wrote on best car accessories that will fit your new car among which we talked on daylight led that has a sport car features.

Before you check my hand-picked wireless car charger for  iPhone that I selected for you lets see the price and design of this super wireless car charger for iPhone.

Well, it's very important to know what you are buying before hovering to "buy" button. The reason why is because, you will know more about what you're buying and you will have a glance-through of different reviews. Sometimes, the buyers don't know which site has the best review on that particular product or may be you are not satisfied with the reviews on other popular blogs. Now let  us see the features of what you are intending to buy.

Wireless car charger for iPhone 

Design and price of best wireless car charger for iPhone, you need to know this before buying online.

The Design 

The Mofin uses a vent mount, like most iphone wireless car chargers, to readily attach to your car dashboard. It also comes with a convenient stand for wireless charging away from the car that can be used on a desk. Unlike wireless iphone car chargers requiring two hands to mount a phone, the Mofin Wireless Car Phone Charger makes it easy to use one hand to put the phone in the charger and keep it in place safely.

It uses gravity to do this! When your phone's bottom is lined with non-slip silicone in the bottom bracket, its weight leads your iPhone to be closed and cradled by two side "arms." To power the charger, a USB to micro-USB cable is used. Note that you need either a USB port to plug into your seat or a converter to go from the DC port to the USB port of your car.

The charger provides your iPhone with 10W of energy (5V at 2A), which means it charges quite fast. Belkin's competing $60 charger does not give 10W of energy, while Mophie's (also $60) charger does.

The Function

The Mofin Wireless Car Charger for iPhone is working perfectly in the car. The vent mount is robust, and it's simple to adjust the phone to any angle you want with a ball and socket joint. You can put your iPhone X case-protected in the mount and then drive around for a while just to see if the phone could pop out.

The gravity clip worked perfectly to safely hold the phone, making it simple to position and remove the iPhone in the mount with one side. There are two small LEDs on the back of the Mofin— a red one glows to indicate that energy flows to the charger, and a blue LED turns on when a phone is put in the charger to demonstrate that the phone is charged.

My only complaint was with the desk stand — I believe an adhesive pad on the bottom might have been lacking to stick it to a desk surface because it's too light to hold an iPhone in place to load it on its own. The product video on Kickstarter demonstrates the desk stand when an iPhone X is placed in it; in fact, there is no way to secure the desk stand to a desk, this make it to topple over the phone and stand over.

 For the car, the Mofin Qi Wireless Car Charger is the dream of an iPhone X/8/8 Plus owner — a phone can be placed in the mount for one-hand charging, and the charger provides sufficient power to quickly charge an iPhone. However, without a manner to secure the desk, it will fall over.

Conclusion: Base on our review you have known the best wireless car charger for iPhone. Now you can decide whether to buy this super wireless car charger for iphone. I have some other car accessories for you which you may like to buy. Please don't forget to share and subscribe for more updates on the best car accessories that will make your car looks swaggy.

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