How to work with an architect and make money online

Today, I will share my online income secret with you. Everybody you see online he/she is here for a reason, bloggers to be precise.

I believe you are here purposely to grasp some knowledge or experiences that will help you tackle your personal challenges or may be you are here to conquered your

millionaire's dream. Quite sure, there is nothing sweet as making money online while you lied down in your bed or doing some daily activities that you love most

without working under someone. If you are serious with making money online here is how to work with an architect and make money online.

Well, let me tell you a little about me just to inspire you...LOL.. Actually, I like to share my life achievement with others and this is

the reason why I directed you to read this article. This article is my online income secret. Believe me, this is what a pro
Blogger can never tell you my friend. You might be surprised how I used to sell my products online . Besides, I promote my
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 I don't know whether if you have observed  this, most of the successful BLOGGERS will tell you different tips to make money online but to be frank some of them don't really make money from that source. For instance, a blogger will write on Google AdSense e.g "how to get Google AdSense approval, how to prevent google adsense disable and get safe clicks etc."

While their online income is from affiliate marketing not Google AdSense. Their doing this to get more traffic because they know that a lot of people search for how to solve their  AdSense issues. But, believe me some of them will never tell you a particular affiliate program that you will join to make money online.

I'm not challenging them but to tell you how smart they are. What I want you to understand is that, to make money online you have to be very very smart. I started learning blogging for a long time ago.

Since I started blogging I have never relayed on Google AdSense or any other affiliate program though I tried jumia affiliate program recently on my chat app

"CHATBUK" and after I dove into app development I integrated admob account on my chat app which I'm making a little money from it.

Make money online by connecting a client with an architect and get your 50% shares

Actually, I'm a passion blogger, blogspot mentor, blogging happened to be my hubby. I Make a living with my profession

(architecture), I Make cool cash with my expertise. I design house plan for my clients both online and offline, most of the designs,

I got it through my friends and my site visitors who referred clients to my sales landing page And they get their own shares as well.

Screenshot 01

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So, I make a lot of money to the extent that I don't bother working in any organization and this give me free time to enjoy doing

what I love most "blogging". I noticed that a lot of internet hustlers find it difficult to make their dream-liquid-money so,

I decided to share this opportunity with my good friends online and my constant site visitors. As I told you earlier, I like sharing my life achievement.

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My only dream is to make money and to see others making money. I always say to myself "if you want to make it, then make it all".

I write this article because it might solve a lot of people's problems regarding income generation. For instance, among your friends, uncles, siblings or relatives you know that person that he/she is planning to build a house this month, next month or even next year.

What if you tell the client and convince him that you know a professional architect that can provide a simple and iconic designs for him and when you connected the

architect with the client after the services you receive your 50% share. Assuming your friend, uncle, siblings or relative is building a 3bedroom

bungalow(flat) that worth 1000$ dollars and you make 500$ dollars just by connecting the architect with the client.

And guess what???

This can also be applied to some professions but the most easiest one is building projects. You will make a lot of money my friend.

Because, it doesn't necessarily requires physical contact. The client only need to send the design brief to the architect including the location and size of the plot. That's all!!!

In my cases, what I normally do is, when I'm designing for someone far away or living outside the country I used Google earth and land surveyor's software (LISMA) to locate the site and analyze the site,

demarcating the boundaries, investigating the neighboring buildings or structures and using the final result or data to provide a preliminary designs.

When the client is satisfied with the preliminary designs after I sent for a review and approval then I continue with the proposals.

I have done different designs to different clients across the world. I have never worked for gov't and I don't hope to do so. I love blogging!

My online presence is to sell my architectural designs and help newbies grow their blog, also to share ideas on how to make money online. If you value this article and put it into action definitely you

will achieve your goal. I like a team work and that is the secret behind my progress.

The guides here is quite simple to apply and believe me if you can patronize by hustling for a projects even if it's a single bedroom you will never stay broke. What ever we make we share it 50-50.
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And guess what???

If you are well-known in your locality for this business people will be contacting you to connect them with a professional architect that can design

their house for them. So, you can see it's a way forward to conquer your SUCCESS.
Someone might view this post as something funny or unserious.

To be frank with you, this is what I have been doing to make money online and I want us to grow together that is why I give my previous time to write this post.

My business is legit. If you want to know more about me you can DOWNLOAD my chat app(android version)  then we communicate there.

I don't write this post for traffic sake but for you to take an ACTION, give a TRIAL, and you will make FOREVER!

It doesn't matters whether live in the last angle of the world (if I can put it in that way) we can run this business together. As I told you earlier architecture is online friendly profession.

It requires only communication to get the work DONE!. I believe you have understood all my statements.

If you think convincing the client will be difficult for you because some people don't trust online stuff. Just hustle for the project

I will tell you the next thing to do to get the project. I have everything here that I can prove to the client about my business.

If he or she demands that we should see, well, I can take a flight and come over there so far I will be appointed for the project.

I have my international passport and visa already. I have been to so many places. So, nowhere I cannot run my business.

See you in the next post!

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