Iphone 11 review: All you need to know about iPhone 11, its features, releasing date and price

IPhone 11

Now, the internet is stunning with the trends of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro, everybody want to know the releasing date, iPhone 11 features and iPhone 11 price. 

Well, today, Bilaltechi will breakdown all you need to know about iPhone 11. From my researches, this trending smart phone has wide up the eye of all iPhone users as it

comes with letest features. The iPhone 11 comes with great feature that will be a eye-catching element to the users. Besides, the price sound BIG!

well, you will be surprised to noticed that the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro max  has hit the show considering the headline spec.

The new iPhone 11 camera was improved with IOS 13 as standard. And this has not affected the price as we were expecting. We

all know that most of the latest iPhone with superpower camera are likely to be more expensive, but this time around the apple company wanted to surprise its products users by cutting down the price of iPhone 11 more than our expectation.

New iPhone 11 releasing date and price

Iphone 11 was officially announced to bounce out in the month of September 20, 2019 and was officially launched on 10th 

September, 2019.  Would you like to place your order right away? Ok, well, the pre-order date was set as September 13, 2019.  What next? The price!

Here is the price of iPhone 11 

  • iPhone 11 price: starts at $699 (£729, AU$1,199, Naira 251,640)
  • iPhone 11 release date and price
  • iPhone 11 launch date: September 10
  • iPhone 11 pre-order date: September 13
  • iPhone 11 release date: September 20
Apple iPhone XR, Fully Unlocked, 64 GB - Red (Renewed)

Apple TV plus was set as the year's
subscription in the US. The price was actually set to be lower than the XR, this makes a little difference in the saving but not that great though. The new iPhone 11 has 64GB which in the UK the amount bounce at £729 and in Australia rate at AU$1, 199. This bring about the saving of £20 and AU$ respectively over XR.

Considering the price which start at $699, the price is highly impressive in US for the 64GB storage. With the drop of $50 over the iPhone XR, iPhone 11 may probably be

recommended as "cheap" and this got a wonderful remark for the apple company as every one was expecting the price to be more than this.

If you're in the UK and willing to buy the new iPhone 11 when it's released, you can register your interest with some retailers so you'll be the first to hear about their best prices. Both Vodafone and Carphone

Warehouse have pre-registration pages of this kind, while Mobiles.co.uk will give you £30 cashback if you pre-register with them and then go on buying the phone.

IPhone 11 camera

iPhone 11 camera 

Like the iPhone 11 Pro, the new iPhone 11 packs an enormous camera knock on the back, with the square structure lodging two sensors (the iPhone XR just had one).

The way that it has this square plan on the back is intriguing, as it needn't bother with this additional square space - it could
simply have the meager capsule that

decorated the back of the iPhone XS. The sensors additionally seem bigger, so pressing them into the more slender region doesn't really bode well.

Yet, Apple unmistakably needs users to feel like there's some mutual visual personality between the range, with each of the three of the iPhone 11 models pressing the equivalent rather unattractive square hinder on the back.

Be that as it may, enough about how this knock looks - what does it really do? All things considered, two sensors live in there, both 12MP. In any case, this time around it's the standard focal point in addition to a

ultra-wide edge focal point, empowering you to destroy back to see to a greater degree a scene, with a moment visual recommendation to do as such:

IPhone 11 camera testing

Using the ultra-wide point camera on the iPhone 11 

The camera's ability is the most energizing piece of the new iPhone 11, with the capacities reaching out a long ways past pressing another sensor in with the general

mish-mash - where there's presently two
12MP sensors, a wide-edge 'typical' sensor and a ultra-wide one that returns a stage to expand the field of perspective on the shot.

Right off the bat - and this is something we didn't get an opportunity to test out - there's Deep Fusion arriving on this telephone.

This framework takes eight photographs before you even press the shade, and a long-introduction alternative too.

The Neural Engine of the high-control A13 Bionic chipset is then ready to thoroughly consider what it's taking a gander at and

pick the best pixel from each shot - which means you have a camera that is what might be compared to 'distraught science', as per Apple.

The night mode modifications we great in our demo - when in a lower-brilliance minute, users will be advised to hold the telephone enduring for a 1-3 seconds, and the telephone will take a night shot that

appeared to truly be splendid in the demos
we saw - we're anticipating perceiving how that thinks about to any semblance of the Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy S10 in our audit.

You can at present catch foundation obscure shots obviously using picture mode, with improved veiling to create 'studio-quality' representations.

The forward looking camera has been improved as well - the sensor has been moved up to 12MP to encourage more extensive point pics when you pivot the

phone to scene, and you can shoot moderate movement selfies also (which Apple is infuriatingly calling Slofies).

We didn't test this out - because of a paranoid fear of individuals seeing, to be completely forthright - yet a portion of the

demos on Twitter that we experienced were amazing (in case you're into that kind of thing, and need the new usefulness).

The forward looking camera additionally has a ultra-wide mode where the camera range will stretch out when ended up

landscaping mode - the programmed turn and stretch out will truly engage those attempting to get individuals into a gathering.

There's additionally an improvement to video quality as well, where the iphone would now be able to shoot in 4K and with the smooth 60fps - it comes up short on the

artfulness of the iPhone 11 Pro, as far as crude power, however the quality we saw appeared to be smooth and more brilliant than previously.

The camera was by a wide margin the most amazing piece of the iPhone 11, and given the lower cost could be something that truly helps sell the telephone.

Do the new iPhone 11 cameras carry anything new to portable photography like iPhone XR?

Conclusion: the iPhone 11 price is $699 and has 68GB storage model, it was launched on 10th September, 2019. Set to release on 20th September, 2019, pre-order scheduled at 13th September, 2019. Despite the new iPhone has been launched some iPhone users would still prefer to use iPhone XR

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