Reasons Why Information Marketing Is The Most Profitable Niche In 2019

Coming down to to write about this trending device Iphone11. People now shouting about Iphone11, iPhone this and Iphone that. What is even so special about Iphone11???

After going through the review online I find out that the phone is even cheap but I wonder why the whole world is hailing Iphone11. Probably, because of the brand, the new sens camera(s), the storage space which hit about 64GB.

but this really doesn't matters to me. Is it because I cannot afford to buy iphone11?
I cannot even answered this question myself.

Just being broke

Eventually, what I realized was the phone is not all about new features alone nor its functions but why people still talking about it?

Is it because of the swags?

Wow! Swags.... Yeah, I guess that is the reason why people develop so much interest in Iphone products.

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So, after going through this review you can probably decide which one to buy Iphone11 or IphoneXR pro?

As a tech guy, when ever I wanted to buy any tech product(s) online I will make some researches online about the product(s) just to know which one has been  recommended by popular websites. To make a chance of buying hand-picked products from these popular websites, I normally give a bookmark to their page. When ever I'm interested in buying any  product(s) online, all I need to do is to hover to their page and hit their affiliate link to pick up the best product from their review.

This is how tech guys like me buy products online. As a student, I'm already used to buying products online, especially on Amazon. Sometimes, I cannot find the products of my liking from the nearest shops to my campus. Instead of going round the town to find the product that I want to buy, I prefer buying it in my bed while cracking jokes with my friends in the hostel.
Pressing my little phone and waving at my friends on Facebook. Technology make things easier for us!

 But some students cannot take the risk of buying product(s)

We are no longer in 19th century where digital marketing were not certain. Now, digital marketing has gone beyond our expectations. Heyy! Here is what I forgot to tell you.

The products that I bought can also earn me some little cash. So, how?

After using the product(s) like 3 months I will go back to my blog and write a review on the product making anchor links with my affiliate link. After the write-up I also make some recommendations of related products that I bought.

People coming online to read a review of that particular product will hover to my webpage and hit my link to buy the product. More clicks more money!

Students life is cool when you know how far about online stuff. You will make some legit money my friend. Imagine you buy a product just to use and you still make money from the product(s) you have bought.

Sound like a magic right!
This is a power of information marketing my friend.

With information marketing, each word you write is money!

You write about a particular thing that you have knowledge and experience on how to use the stuff or telling people about the advantage of using the stuff. And when people request more information about the stuff then you charge them. This works best with affiliate marketing. You might not have your own product(s) to sell to them but you can suggest products for them from online stores using your affiliate link. And when they buy the product you get a commission which add no cost to them.

Lol.. Don't ask me this question because definitely I know that is what you are thinking

How do they buy it?

Sounds like impossible right?. Ok well, they will buy my friend, unless they are not satisfied with the information you provided for them which will make them to turn back to other site for more information. Sometimes, those people find your blog post interesting will come back to use your affiliate link to buy products online just to support your efforts and online hustle. I have received some email from my blog visitors showing appropriations and words of encouragement for my online hustle. They don't source for any information in my blog rather they just come to read my new articles. They love reading my posts..smiles.

Sometimes, I will be wondering when I tracked my returning visitors and see what they are reading on my blog. May be because I do make fun on my blog.'s my nature, I don't just write without cracking jokes and making fun. If you have observed I started talking about iphone11 before jumping into the main topic of this post: Reasons Why information Marketing Is The Most Profitable niche In 2019

Actually, Google crowler like a straightforward information for better SERP ranking. But I don't mind because I don't write for Google, I'm writing for my blog visitors. They are my major priority not Google ranking or getting huge traffic. But I do make sure that I have balance my page SEO "content is a king you know".
With a targeted keywords well set in your content (article) will direct the customers to the page you write a review on products. More often, people that follow your product review URL on Google are more likely to have interest in that product(s) that you have promoted. So, you can see that half of them or even more are your customers.

Conclusion: Now you will not fall under those who ask this type of questions:

  • What are the most profitable niche?
  • How do you find a profitable niche?
  • What are the most profitable niche for affiliate marketing?

Reasons Why Information Marketing Is The Most Profitable Niche In 2019. Information marketing is a process of marketing each of your blog contents (content marketing is also categorized under information marketing) that will earn you some passive money with the help of providing solutions to a particular problem that people need either online or offline. I will write more on information marketing ideas and the niches under information marketing that will get you more sales through affiliate marketing ASAP. Truth is that, no blog post/article will be enough for you to understand the strategical approaches of information marketing with out sorking some powerful e-books that will get your contents sales. You can subscribe to reach more updates on information marketing.

Please don't forget to share. And I would like to know how you have been monetizing your blog in a comment box below. Thanks for visiting!

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