Subaru Forester 2000 Review, Can You Buy Subaru Forester For Your Girlfriend?

Subaru Forester 2000
Subaru Forester

Talking about classic cars has become one of my habit. How dear someone would just go online making a research from different angles just to know about subaru forester 2000. From my thorough researches on subaru forester 2000 I noticed that this car worth enough to buy for my girlfriend, not just for myself. Buying a subaru that worth $22,000+ for a lady is just something that I can do ten (10) times in a day or even more. Surprised!

I can buy, buy and still buy untill I wake up from the dream....LOL..

In a dream, there is no car that I can't buy talkless of ordinary subaru forester 2000. But in a real life, just forget it my friend. Is better I used the money to marry 4 wifes instead of buying subaru forester 2000 for a lady. No, no, no,...don't really mean that I'm stingy friend.
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Wait! Just think very well. Can you really buy subaru forester 2000 for a lady?. May be a lady that you met just some few months ago. A lady that you're not even sure whether you will marry her or not. Now, you understand that I'm a typical Nigerian.
Only few of Nigerians can buy a classic car that worth $22k plus for a lady (note! Not a wife, just a girlfriend). It's a big risk which I personally can't even try it. Such risks normally comes with "heart-attack" as promo!

Honestly, some people can easily buy expensive car for their love ones. More especially, celebrities. I guess you are one of them. A guy asked me last time that "can we count Bloggers as celebrities?" (May be you can help me answer this silly question leter). It's very very normal to some people (but very few of them) to buy subaru forester for their girlfriends. But not guys like me.

What is even so special about subaru forester 2000 that I'm shouting here?. If you are sick of classic cars like me you will definitely find most interesting things about subaru forester 200 after going through the review.

Wait first!.. I have a question for you!
How do you even come across this post? Were you searching for a perfect subaru forester 2000 to buy for your girlfriend or you are just someone like me that wanted to know every shits about subaru forester 2000. I would like you to answer this question in a comment box.

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Unless you don't want your girlfriend to know that you have read this post and you refused to buy subaru forester 2000 for her. Although, you will not answer this question because you're afraid for your girlfriend to come across your comment. But, for this, you must answer it.

Subaru forester 2000 review, why would you buy subaru forester 2000 for your girlfriend? 

Don't worry just send your answer via my email. But if your answer is "yes" quite sure, you will see a reply with my bank account details because you cannot just buy subaru forester 2000 for a lady and forgotten your guy here dreaming all the classic cars in the world.
Now, jokes apart, let's see the most shits about subaru forester 2000

Subaru forester 2000 review

Although the car offers cargo utility and off-road capability, in the traditional sense, the Subaru Forester is not a sport utility car. It's driving more like a truck than a car. That means in all but the roughest terrain it offers superior handling for trucks.
With Subaru's well-designed suspension and great all-wheel drive system, there's nothing to fear from snow, mud, dirt, gravel or moist pavement. However, crisp throttle response and skilled handling make driving on dry pavement fun for the Forester.

Subaru Forester 2000

You have a choice to choose one from the two trim levels of sebaru forester 2000 that are available: L and S. 

Sebaru forester L model

Forester L that worth $20,295 comes with a high standard equipment including air conditioning, power windows, fog lights, roof racks, rear window defogger, trailer harness connector, reclining front bucket seats with adjustable lumbar support, tilt steering, AM / FM / cassette stereo and cargo tray.

Do you care to know sebaru forester S model?

The S model which also worth $22,895 adds four-wheel disk brakes (instead of the rear drum brakes) with ABS, limited-slip rear differential, remote keyless entry, color-keyed heated mirrors, double-mode heated front seats, 16-inch tires, alloy wheels, heated windshield washer nozzles.

The appearance of the Forester is utilitarian. Because it's not almost as big as a sporting utility, loading a kayak, a set of skis and other car-top gear onto the roof is much easier. For 1999, the body was substantially strengthened to improve the protection of side-impacts. For enhanced safety, seats and seat belts have been altered and the airbag system has been updated.

Now, let's take a look at the interior of subaru forester 2000

The driver's seat is comfortable and offers a myriad of adjustments with good lateral support. Visibility is outstanding, a low hood advantage and a big windshield. Easy to operate controls, instruments are easy to read and straightforward. Interior trim comes in softer, warmer fabrics than the Toyota RAV4, although the Honda CR-V's design is lacking in elegance and refinement.

Sorry I forgot to tell you. The radio's control is on the small side.

The seating height. Whether you are short or tall you will like it.

The Forester seating height is comparable to the sedan height. It does not give the driving position of the master-of- the-universe that many consumers of sport-utility prefer. We don't consider this to be a negative. Nearer to the floor implies reduced gravitational center for better handling. That's why high seating positions are not offered by expensive sports cars and sedans.

There's plenty of front and back headroom with four comfortable seats. The Forester provides 64.6 cubic feet of cargo room with the split folding rear seats. This is slightly more than the RAV4, slightly less than the CR-V and almost 80% of what a Ford Explorer has to offer.

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Loading shipping into the back is simple; the rear door lifts out of the manner and the interior is protected by a rubber storage mat. Heated front seats, outside mirrors hot, windshield wiper deicers in the snow and ice create the Forester feel at home.

Now, Bilal on the road. Let's see the driving impression. 

When we're talking about classic cars like sebaru forester there is a need to consider its driving flexibility. For those who intended to buy for their girlfriends, you will love to grab this driving impression during your one week testing.

Well, Driving is fun, a term that does not apply in the same manner to trucks. The Forester is comparable in size to the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4, but it provides superior handling and efficiency.
There is a good torque for passing at low rpm. Subaru's 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine is much shorter than a traditional inline-4 with horizontally opposed pistons. That gave people and cargo more room.

It also enabled the engineers of Subaru to mount the engine further in the car and to use driveshafts of equal length directly aligned with the front wheels, eliminating torque steering and reducing driveline friction. It also allowed a low hood design for excellent front visibility and a low center of gravity to improve corner handling balance.

The automatic 4-speed is sensitive and a nice engine match. For 1999, the automatic was widely altered to enhance effectiveness. The 5-speed handbook makes driving more fun and more accurate control. It offers a smooth shift and easy reverse engagement. It move's like a compact sedan and the clutch is light and user-friendly.I The pedal system makes it possible to drive the Forester like a sports sedan, making it more pleasant on mountain roads and dirt paths.

The Forester is driving like a car on the highway. The Forester provides significantly better braking and cornering efficiency in dry and slippery circumstances than a truck, making it simpler to manage on winding highways or during the daily traffic stop-and-go in emergency cases. Against most sedans, it maintains its own. On slippery pavement, it offers superb traction and equilibrium. Sebaru forester is one of the best cars on the road in a real downpour.

Winding gravel roads are the ideal setting for the Forester. The all-wheel drive system provides predictable handling when slipping around corners, yet the suspension provides adequate damping for softening bumps. The handling will not be disturbed by hitting large bumps in the center of a turn.

In transient maneuvers, the Forester provides better steering response than is available in the RAV4 and CR-V. Subaru is one of the world's finest all-wheel drive schemes, with only Porsche and Audi competing. In slippery circumstances, the Forester provides safe-footed traction in ways that traditional truck-based sports equipment can never hope to do.

Subaru designed the Forester using technology gained in Africa, Asia, and Europe by racing rally cars across treacherous roads. Subaru learned to cope with adverse conditions, winning three years in a row in the highly competitive World Rally Championship. This is shown in their vehicles of manufacturing.

More shits to know about subaru forester

Subaru's system's beauty is that it works full-time and operates seamlessly, redirecting energy to any tire that provides the greatest grip. The transfer scheme contributes little weight to the size of a grapefruit. Designed for snow and mud blasting, the system is not equipped with a low-range set of gears, so it is not appropriate for steep rocky faces.

Much better suited for rock climbing are the RAV4 and Jeep Wrangler. However, the Forester is quite able to take a trout fisherman to a distant stream and is ideal for going to the ski slopes.

Its long, soft springs and stiff shocks allow lots of wheel travel controlled, so the handling balance is not upset by bumpy corners. A generous ground clearance of 7.5 inches enables it to tread places that a sedan can't go. Its light weight makes it faster than a large, heavy truck to brake, accelerate and corner.

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Conclusion: Its off-road capacity approaches that of a sport utility car, yet with superior braking and handling efficiency, it gives more driver trust on difficult mountain roads. Comfortable four-seat seating and commodity cargo capability make it an appealing alternative to a truck-based SUV. Anyone needing to take equipment down marginal highways should take the Subaru Forester seriously into consideration. Hope you haven't forgot their prices. See it below!

  • Subaru L model ($20,295)
  • Subaru S model ($22,895)

Subaru forester was assemble in Gunma, Japan. And options and tested. Automatic transmission ($800); Premium Package ($1,000) involves side-impact airbags, color-keyed step pad bumpers, color-keyed bodyside cladding, energy moonroof, gold-accented aluminum alloy wheels.

Now that you have known much about subaru forester you can tell us whether if you can buy it for your girlfriend or not. I have some hand-picked car accessories for you to test. Please don't forget to share and let me hear your answer in a comment box below.
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