Welcome! I'm Bilal Abdullahi Yusuf, The ghost behind Bilaltechi.com

I wanted to upload my new picture but I just love this one. Maybe because of the way I pose in the pic. Though, I'm not a photogenic but i like the way I pose in the picture- looking kinda of gentle...lol

Hello friends!

Welcome to my world. I'm Bilal A. Yusuf from Bauchi State, Nigeria. Architect, Passion blogger and the ghost behind Bilaltechi.com.

My online presence is to shoutout technology behind the horizon. Using tech to connect with new friends and millions of people in the world. I share tutorials (How Tos), job opportunities, business planning, social media marketing ideas and my personal experiences.

Actually I have a lot to share with you. Nevertheless, it shall come in my new posts from this blog frequently.

My plan in November

If you're conversant with my updates, recently, I wrote about my plan in November and now, here is the November!
So, what was my plan in November?

You all know how I have been struggling to drop a new post here while working hard to write my final year project (Project topic: Evaluating the use of circulation spaces in traditional buildings. A case study of Gidan Makama Meseum, Kano State, Nigeria) I mentioned here that I will settle down for full-time Blogging right from November, 2019. So, I'm sorry for keeping you so long without any updates from me. But, now it's time to dance to the zanku, but before we start give me coffee anan!

Alhamdulillah... All praise be to almighty ALLAH for his support, guidance and protections throughout my degree program (Bsc. Architecture) in Bayero University Kano. And May ALLAH bless my parents, siblings, relatives and friends for their wonderful prayers, good wishes, cares and love. I'm really proud of you all!!!

Also, 3 gbosssaaaaaa to my blog visitors including those who always encourage me with their comments and opinions on this platform and via mail. And those that stay behind the wall watching and reading "just my thinking" may God bless you all!!!

I have some amazing pics of my graduation sign-out for you guys. Keep scrolling you will get there!

Bilaltechi.com is my territory. If you don't find me here, definitely, I must be somewhere on Google learning new things and gaining more experiences or I might be working on a particular project for my clients.

I'm a kind of person that don't really like talking, gisting or discussing with people in real life. I mostly enjoy sounding and listening to my words. That is why I spend my whole days and nights on Bilaltechi.com

Maybe there are thousands of people of my type in the world (I guess you're one of them) that I wanted to connect with, gist with, cracking jokes and having fun together on Bilaltechi.com. And talking all the shits about life and bla bla bla!

My best black and white picture (image above was captured in our design studio, but I called it design empire). Honestly, I like black and white, I don't have any other best colors except black and white. Some of my friends used to tell me that "black and white" are not colors. Is that really true?
But to me, its my best colors. Architect is known with "black and white". During my 200level, when I first started drafting architectural design (semester project) I used color for my project and it was looking awesome, aesthetical, and the creativity is there! (as they used to say)

Unfortunately, during the presentation, I was being criticized. Almost all my lecturers don't support the color that I used in my design. Though, I was not the only one. Almost half of the class used colors in their design. Eventually, we all got low grade in design for that semester.
But one thing that I noticed was, all the lecturers was saying that "architecture is black and white" and I was wondering how architecture could be black and white while we are seeing beautiful houses built with different amazing colors. Have you ever see a house with black and white color? Yes, there are, but very few

It's very rare to see a house with black and white color in my area, but why are they saying that architecture is "black and white"?

This question have been ringing in my head for the whole semester. After we went for holiday, I decided to do a couple of research, to know why they are saying that architecture is " black and white "

So many results that I can't going through. I finally observed that architecture is "black and white" because, architects drive beauty, aesthetics, wonder, craziness, impossibilities, and imaginations through "black and white" and transformed it into reality.

That is why we are using white paper and black pen to design a building. An architect must crack his brain with critical thinking to make sure that the design looks appealing. If you can't bring out the aesthetic of a building from a white paper using a black pen, there is no need to build the house. Because, buildings are not just for dwelling, it should be welcoming visitors and having a good impact on the occupants' feelings and perceptions.

Wow! So that is why our lecturers used to say that architecture is "black and white"

Since I understood this theory, I found myself loving anything that contain or made of "black and white" colors
To clear your doubt, during the time that I wrote this post and published it, I was wearing black T-shirt and white trouser.
Black and white has become part of my life. Omo no be Mafia ooo.. I just like the colors.

I forgot to tell you this, when ever I went to a cyber cafe to make a photocopy of my documents, I will ask them to make a colored copy for me. The person would just laugh, saying that "there is no colored photocopy, photocopy is always black and white"

I would just smile and reply "is black and white not colors?"

This is my little story about black and white and how it become part of my life!

Back then, when boys was JJC (if you know you know). I snapped this picture when I was in 200level.
Looking like a typical Hausa man...lol..
Mun SHA ado Ba laifi!

Before the invention of iPhone and all those crazy smartphone with baddas cameras. So, don't laugh at my pictures because  wasn't being snapped with latest smartphones or cameras. If I don't love them I won't share it here!

Born to be happy!..do you see white???..Ok what of black???...look very well. It's there...lol..

During site supervision with Dr. Albani (a friend from Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria). What do you see????...black and white????...lol...

Huuuu!!! No more pics!
I will upload more when I launched my IPhone 11.... E go tay be that..lol..

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Some of these pics was snapped since 2015.  They are part of my adventures. I like them and I like sharing with you. I will like to know your best color in a comment box below. Don't forget to share the love. God bless you!

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My last advice: don't ever and eveeeeer let anyone have opinion over the way you live your life!

Check this before you live!

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Your presence mean a lot to me.

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