What is passion? 5 questions most people asked about passion and their answers

Picking up my pen to write with the mind to embrace my little way of life. Inspiring and motivating myself has become a habit. Sometimes, you don't need to wait for someone to ginger you up. You have to learn how to sing for yourself and dance to the tune in your own style.

Have you ever asked yourself so many questions about a particular thing and trying to sort out the answers?

That is what I do sometimes, especially when I'm alone, no distractions, just listening to my breathe and feel the sound alone. For how luxury life you live, in one way or the other you must feel like somethings are going wrong within you, you must feel like something is missing out of your life. When encountering such scenarios, probably you're not doing the best thing your heart wanted you to do, the most amazing thing that bring a complete joy to your life.

In such cases, we can say that you left your shadow behind and walk boldly towards a sun shine. That shadow is your passion. It's your passion that will bring you 100% joy!

If passion don't bring joy a poor man can never live a happy like. Most people believe that money can bring happiness, which to me, is a wrong thoughts! Very wrong!!!

Who ever believe in this mentality have a lot to learn about LIFE itself!

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Passion is the backbone of every positive things we do in life that can result to a great success and achievement. Now, my question here is how can you define your passion?

How can you find your passion?

These are the 6 ways to find the true passion in you

Indeed, finding your passion could be easier than you think, but take notice of the following because there are the true way to define your passion

1.. Don't presume that your passion should be your job. A lot of people do this mistake thinking that their passion can help them solve their financial needs. Off course, it can, but only when your passion can solve people's problems. We have different categories of passion, some passion are skillful while others are not. For instance, someone that have passion for football can focus and groom himself to be a good footballer so that a football team can  hire him to play for them. Good example (Cristiano Ronaldo)

2. Some times your passion can be what you hate doing on daily basis. This will sound somehow to some  of you reading this post now. Truth is that, when you're so crazy about something (positive) to the extent that you can't stop doing it and still you don't like doing it. That particular thing is your passion. The reason why you don't like it is not because you don't have passion for it, probably, because you find it difficult to do or you're a bit lazy to do it.

3. Forget what other people will say about your doings, as long as it's not bad or will have no negative effect on you. Don't be a type of people that take wrong advices. Sometimes, those who give you advice might not have ideas on what you're doing. We all have different perceptions. And the worst part is, not everyone will like you for doing good. Some will even try all the possibilities to stop you from doing what you're passionate about.

4. What do you loved doing when you was a child?... Honestly, I was very creative when I was a child. I like making plastic cars and fixing our home gadgets. I also like drawings. I could remember when I was in primary school I used to draw for our senior students. I was well-known with drawings in my school. This encouraged me to study architecture. I leter observed that there are lot to learn on the internet and that is how Blogging become part of my life. If you're very conversant with my blog, you will noticed that I'm still embracing my childhood passion in this blog. I have a page for my architectural designs and I blog about car dealership guides, and sharing car business ideas. I may not be making penny from this blog but I enjoy what I'm doing and I will not get tired of doing it.

5. Use your ideas, skills and creativity to develop something new. If you want to identify the passion in you, you have to be very creative. This requires critical thinking. When you come up with something new and you like doing a research to acquire more knowledge on it, that thing will become your passion.

6. Try visualisation. Explore, travel to different places, see different things around. Chase new opportunities. You will definitely find something Unique, valuable and meaningful along the way. The more you develop interest in something new, the more it become part of your life.

What does it mean to have passion?

"Passion is a strong desire that can get you to do amazing things. Passion is an emotion to be acted upon. Without action, passion yields no worthwhile results. Passion is the fuel in the fire of action. When you have passion for something, you love it even when you hate it"

What are examples of passion?

Five (5) examples of passion for You

  • Being true to yourself, mingling with your love ones, planning better things for your life.
  • Sacrifice, empowering or helping others find their passion, 
  • Being bold, contented, self-esteem, and confident in your own judgment & decisions.
  • Reading, watching movies, playing games, and traveling are also example of passion.
  • Gaining new experiences, learning something new, having an adventure, also counts.

Why do we need passion?

"A passion gives you a reason to keep learning and to work toward mastery. It can often give you a reason to travel, and therefore to have the new experiences so key to happiness. It gives you something in common with other people, and so fosters social bonds. It gives you purpose"

How do you develop passion?

The best way to develop passion in you

  • Ask yourself if you're passionate about what you're doing
  • If not, go find and do something that you love doing even if you ain't make anything from it.
  • Learn, grow and master that thing. When it's skillful you can do it for free or you make charges
  • As you become successful, eliminate distractions and frustrations
  • Repeat step one as needed

Conclusion: Now, you know the most 5 questions people asked about passion and the answers. Passion is all about doing what you love on daily basis without being rewarded or paid for. Your passion can be something that can solve people's problems and not necessarily demanding money before you offer it. You're just crazy for doing it and driving pleasure while doing it. A lot of people turned their passion into a paying machine, like Bloggers, musicians, writers, footballers and many more.

When the societies demands the skills, creativities and ideas in your passion you will achieve a lot. But, remember not all passion can be transformed into a full or part-time job. For example, someone that is passionate about watching movies. Please I will like to know (comment) how you defined your passion and how you turn your passion into a paying machine. See you in my next post. Thank you!

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