How to promote yourself, a guide on personal branding for architects

Are you a young student looking for a studio? Are you an architect looking for new clients? Are you a designer who wants to showcase your skills? Are you attracted by web and communication? If you find yourself in one of these questions… This post is for you! Here we will discuss together the opportunity that offers the web to make a great personal branding for architects.

The most important thing, for sure, is knowing how to do your job well. It is becoming increasingly important how you present yourself. In the same way, we all know very well that it matters a lot how you present boards in competitions.

To impress friends, acquaintances and potential customers, the communication can also help to increase your authority on the web, that it is a further guarantee that does not hurt.

If you’re thinking that you do not have time to engage in these things, don’t be afraid, below there are few steps that you can afford to carry on one by one. And they are all very easy to be implemented.

You do not need each one of them in fact, some are definitely more suitable than others and you should start from those.

Personal branding can not be built in a week, and your reputation as an architect will need time, commitment and effort. During this period, never forget that the most important thing is your real network!

The importance of personal branding in finding a job or clients

More and more often, architecture studies, human resources managers and (above all) potential clients, monitor the candidates on the web before receiving them in front of their desk. You must surprise them from the first moment, so to let them know from the beginning that you’re the right person they are looking for. In addition to the portfolio – which must be absolutely flawless and amazing – that will be stored in a folder or on a desk alongside with all the others, you can bring forward your “branding” strategy in these new fields.

Here I will give you some advice on how to make the most of some online tools and platforms to promote yourself as an architect and reach people who normally would be very difficult to achieve.


Behance is the platform for creatives. If you love art, illustrations, photography and conceptual works of any kind, then you will lose a lot of time here. Architects or designers can use this platform primarily for inspiration – thanks to efficient filtering options, you can find many interesting topics – but also to upload their projects and their works.

Surely the specific value of Behance is much greater for a designer or a graphic designer compared to what is for an architect, but everyone can find new networks of people and many sources.

Moreover, even in this case, as in Linkedin, you can create a profile with your own work experience and useful links. Behance has also a tool to create directly your site-portfolio, in this case you should already have a lot material to upload.


To find a job or to gain authority, you must first be good at what you do, whether you are an aspiring or an affirmed designer. What you will need to have is a beautiful portfolio, full of wonderful contents. We are of course speaking about projects. Unfortunately, we do not always have a lot of projects to be submitted, especially those who are just done with university. But you should at least introduce them well.

If you have not created your portfolio yet, then do not waste more time here, disconnect internet, turn off the phone and begin to create it! It is fundamental for your personal branding.

Issuu is the platform that allows to upload your portfolio, with a weight up to 45 MB. The only action you need to do is to create a free account. In exchange, you will get a very accurate presentation that will make your portfolio easy to read, as a book, sendable through a simple link.

This eliminates the need to send email attachments with a limit of 10 MB etc etc. Just a link – and it also makes a good impression.


To make it short, 500px is the Instagram for professionals. Here you can also sell your own pictures. Essentially. If you are passionate about photography, it is right to show to the whole world the fruit of your passions, your travels and your research. Being part of a network of this kind, and maybe also having a good number of followers, is definitely a point in your favor.


More and more work proposals come today from this social network founded in 2003. Especially abroad, but in Nigeria also it is getting better. I have talk so much on LinkedIn for start-up businesses.

How to land your dream job on LinkedIn

From the point of view of an architect what you have to do on this platform is simple. You have to show your own portfolio in the easiest way possible – by directly uploading the pdf file or by pasting the link to a platform like Issuu – and put all the links in the section dedicated to self promotion. So that anyone visiting our profile is free to navigate through the pages.

To get noticed, it is a must to insert appropriate skills. Do not be vague, but be very specific. Insert one or two is a pity, make sure you let people know well what you can do. To be clear: putting CAD among your skills will hardly bring many benefits to you. While putting Revit, Rhino, Autocad and sustainable design could attract more interest.

For everything else it works in the same way as for the other users: put a brief description that presents yourself, your interests and connect to other people, better if part of an active group.


The slogan says it all. For young graduates looking for a job, this is definitely not the solution. But if you are already minimally successful and want to upgrade your network it is ok.

You can provide a lot of information and introduce yourself in great detail. You are free to upload your projects and interact with those of other architects around the world. Archistars and all your idols included.

The section dedicated to the stories is really interesting. That is a place where you can tell stories, adventures and more. Everything related to the design world.

Branding mock up

This page contains a lot of things to make in the right way personal branding for architects. And you will quickly notice it when you discover how can be useful these mock-up files. They will take you away definitely a long time if you’re like me. The mock-ups are nothing else but .psd files that graphic designers provide at a very low price or even for free, to do wonderful things. What are they? If by chance you have your own website or your own Behance page or just want to advertise with image communication, here it is that Photoshop smartobjects comes to your rescue. In this way you will surprise customers with minimal effort.

Create your personal/business blog or website like

If all these platforms are not enough, but you also want to express your own opinion, here there are three tools that suit you: WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr.

These are platforms to easily create websites accessible for everyone. WordPress requires many hours of study and a fair dose of knowledge of the field, while a tumblr or a blogger account, especially tumblr, may be open in a few minutes.

Making an online magazine / blog is a spontaneous choice that comes for some needs. I personally  opened to create a place to push me learning, applying and share with the world.

The reasons to open a site can be a lot, as can be multiple the purposes. With WordPress you can create real professional websites that present your study or your portfolio to attract compliments and customers for example.

Use Social Media for Architecture for personal branding

Social Media For Architects

Social media are a powerful tool for everyone. They can be used as a waste of time by scrolling and scrolling your home feed, or they can be channeled to the service of your personal branding and your authority on the web.

You can read the best way to use social media for business

The ways in which an architect can promote himself on the web through social media are many, and I’ll explain them in the guide that I am preparing: Social media for Architects and Designers. So, see you in my next post.

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