How to start car business in Nigeria and make 5million naira per each car you sell

This how to start business in Nigeria and make money fast

Are you ready to start car business this year or you're just here to read and flee? Honestly this car tips is for those who are ready to start car business this year.

I can't waste my time and write this tips if you're really not ready to start a car business this year. Anyway, you can grab this tips as it would help you when ever you have settle down for car business in Nigeria. But if you're sick of becoming a car dealer in Nigeria I have super powerful medicine for you on

I recently brekdown tips on how to buy cheapest used cars online in Nigeria which is very important for you to read before we start our today's topic on how to start car business in Nigeria and make 5million naira per each car you sell

Ideally, starting a car business in Nigeria or internationally requires business strategies because if you're not very careful you will lose thousands of Naira or hundreds of dollars and indeed you can make 5million Naira per each car you sell when you set up everything properly. What are those things and what are the business strategies to follow before starting a car business in Nigeria?

Most important questions.  Nevertheless, we are going to cover it in this topic.

List of seven (7) things to do before starting a car business in Nigeria

1. Have a capital
2. Have a business plan
3.  Market Survey
4.  Know which and why (quality and price)
5. Choose model
6. Have a connection with car dealers
7. Start with two cars

Now, let us pick each of the lists above and explain one after the other for you to know why its very important to apply them before starting a car business in Nigeria or internationally.

When you have a capital you can start a car business in Nigeria

1. Have a capital

This is the most important thing to consider when starting a car business in Nigeria. And again this is where the problem comes in. Capital has been a setback for a lot of people when talking about business in general, very few people have the potential to invest in businesses. Some people are afraid to invest while some are naturally stingy.

In any business there is a tendency for you to win or lose but if you don't give a trial you will never know the outcome. That's why I made mentioned of "business strategies" which we are going to explain it leter. This will help you to determine the outcome of whatever business you want to start this year.

It's quite  possible to make 5million per each car you sell in Nigeria but you need a muscular capital. Nevertheless, I will tell you the minimum amount of money that you can invest to start a car business in Nigeria and watch 5million Naira hitting your bank account. The reason why I'm so focused on capital is because that is the point where a lot of people are so skeptical about business investment.

Well, you can start a car business in Nigeria with as low as 800,000 Naira. You can start with cars like Peugeot 206 and Honda civic with your little capital.

The success of your business depends on you

2. Have a business plan

How do you plan for car business?. Good question!

Do you know anyone close to your domicile that have been running car business and end up with thousands of debit?. Yes, you must have known one. I don't mean you should mention his name in a comment section but I want you to think of that very person as I will use him to set an example for you here. Do you know why they keep on failing and failing?

How to buy cheapest used car in Nigeria

I guess you don't want to be in their shoes that is why you visited
Well, well, well... Actually, this platform is a community of those who want to become expert car dealers/resellers. Before, I started my car blogging journey  I have been giving related advices to a lot of investors. I started helping business investors with business ideas since my undergraduate starting from my colleague in struggle (students) to my respected lecturers, but I finally decided to come online to share my little business ideas with the world and all for free!

As an architect, I helped different clients with different ideas and business planning on project budgeting and real estate management. I developed the interest back then, during my industrial training. I have been to different workshops and conferences. I was among those who wrote a project report and supervision of the construction of geology and mechatronics department in Bayero University Kano, Nigeria.

So, my friend I have been on this race for a long before I started Blogging.  And I wanted to share this opportunity "car business" with folks out there that are willing to start a car business in Nigeria. We are in a global village where you can connect with millions of folks on a single platform.

Anyway, let us discuss the most important thing on how to start car business in Nigeria and make 5million Naira per each car you sell.

We was discussing the importance of having business plan before starting a car business in Nigeria were I was trying to refer to someone you know in your area who has been running a car business and keep failing or ending with no profit.

Stated by Dayo Adetiloye, a business consultant in Nigeria.

"you’ll need to formulate a suitable business plan for your future dealership. This is especially the case if you need to acquire financing. A solid dealership should begin with the vehicles themselves; are you going to sell one brand or multiples? If selling both new and used cars is a possibility, it’s also important to include this in the business plan.
Other business plan stipulations include determining business equipment costs, researching manufacturer car costs versus used car prices, calculating employee salaries, lease and sales agreement costs, and planning your advertising budget. All of these factors will help you create a business plan that’s anchored in reality"

Before you start a car business you have to make a business survey to know more about the business

3. Make a survey

Now, after you have a successful business plan on ground. The next tour is for you to make a survey. What I mean by a "survey" is to check around which car model has a higher demands in Nigeria. With the help of the Internet and a little research can make you stear clear of which car you can buy and resell.

Consider some state in Nigeria, their hot-cake cars might be peugoet 206 while some states might be Honda civic. Like in my state (Bauchi State) and where I'm staying now (Kano State) the demands for Peugoet 206 is at a very higher rate since last year 2018. In Bauchi State most of the civil servants (especially the fresh graduate) prefer to buy peugoet 206 as its not too cost and the maintenance is "OK" for a civil servants that is earning between 60k-100k monthly.

In Kano State most of them are entrepreneurs, they run businesses within the state and some neighboring states like Jigawa, Kaduna, Bauchi and Katsina. Therefore, most of the small entrepreneurs who can't afford buying expensive cars were going for peugoet 206 which they can manage and run their businesses within kano and the neighboring states. This resulted to a higher demands of peugoet 206 in Bauchi and  Kano state since last year 2018.

If you don't make a proper survey (depending on the location that you want to run the business) you will end up buying cars that has low demands.

4. Know which and why (quality and price)

This is also inline with market survey. The survey will let you know which cars has the most higest demanding. The next thing is to know why (like I make an instances with Bauchi and Kano State). You have to identify why people demands for a particular car model in Nigeria.

5. Choose model

As a start-up car dealer, I will advice you to focus on a particular car model. Most car dealers faces this challenges. You can't be Jact-of-all-trades unless you're an architect... Lol..

Honestly, stay away from being jack-of-all-models. If you're going for Camry or Lexus good and fine, just stick to a single model that people will recognize you with. And this will give you an insight of their best used cars.

Another advantage is that people will trust your deal. Not just that, you will surround your business with those who are so enthusiast in the model. For instance, I personally love Mercedes models and among my Friends I can also tell you the model of cars they like. If you're selling Mercedes cars and I  know someone that like the model I can recommend the car to him. This is the advantage of sticking to a particular car model. You will build a network without too much worrying to run adverts.

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6. Make a connection with car dealers

If there is any car dealer that you trust and you know that he can help you to start your car business don't hesitate to contact him. Seek for his advice because probably he has been into the business for a long time. Definitely, he must have some cool experience about the pros and cons of venturing into car business.

Be sure that he's a trustworthy person to avoid being cheated. Honestly, some of them are very smart and they are ready to outsmart you anytime any where. They have been dealing with millions of Naira, hooping your thousands of Naira is a small case to them.

Make sure you know who you're dealing with. 

7. Start with two cars

Finally finally, it's time to lunch your business. I don't need to explain much here again. You already know why I said you should start with two cars. Cars are not just like a bag of rice that you can buy and keep them in a store and sale them during the peak price.. If you think you can practice car business in such way sorry for you!
Just buy two (same or different models) market them. When you hit a sale, calculate your advertising expenses and the profit. This will give you an insight on what to do next. Enjoy car business!

Wrapping Up:

After going through how to start car business in Nigeria and make 5million Naira per each car you sell but you didn't ask me why i don't mention how to make 5million Naira for selling a single car. Maybe you know already.

Well, if you actually want to make 5million Naira for selling a single car then, have like 10million Naira as a capital. Start with eye-catching cars, crazy cars, those cars that you have been dreaming of. I don't mean you should use the whole 10million Naira to buy a single car OOO!

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If you want to make such cool amount of money then, go for international deals. I know you will ask about dealer's licence and bla bla bla....don't worry I know why I don't mention them since from the beginning of this post. That is why its good for you to subscribe to this blog as you will be getting more car tips and dealing guides.
Now, we are no longer talking about local deals because we want to make 5million Naira per each car we sell.

If that is the case, then we have to ship used cars from outside country (I suggest USA) and ship them to Nigeria. Most used cars are very cheap when you buy in USA but when you ship them to Nigeria they will probably turn to gold, depending on the model.

I asked you about Copart and AutoBidMaster right?

Copart is the largest marketplace for used cars. You can select any used car from their auction and AutoBidMaster will help you ship the car to Nigeria without having a delear's license.

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One more question for you?

Between car business and real estate business which one will you prefer and why?

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