6 most controversial gossip blog in Nigeria

They are the top gossip writers in Nigeria. They are proud. They are severe. They are sincere and gruff AF, without the slightest hesitation, they will out your most profound darkest insider facts for the world to see… just for the purpose of site visits.

Women and respectable men, you most likely know them as of now. Meet the main 6 gossip blogs in Nigeria that couldn't care less who your dad is:

1. Linda Ikeji Blog 

Obviously, every Nigerian realizes that the Linda Ikeji blog is the best and number
1 of the best gossip writes in Nigeria. On the off chance that you are into gossip, you will realize she is the best among the rest. Linda Ikeji has made riches through gossip blogging.

Pretty much every Nigerian visits this naija gossip blog day by day as this blog has no opponent in blogging with regards to Nigerian VIP news, legislative issues, amusement news, NAIJA babbles thus a lot. The site has over 500k site visit every day.

2. Legit.ng 

Legit.ng is in the past known as Naij.com and this gossip blog in Nigeria was propelled in 2015. This webpage is your go to site for the most blazing naija significances, naija gossip, Nigerian big name news and governmental issues news. With a great many watchers visiting this blog week after week, there is no news content on the web that won't be found here.

3. Pulse.ng 

Pulse.ng is Professional blog worked by some innovative and insightful benefactors. Heartbeat has become throughout the years to get one of the most visited news blog in Nigeria, distributing data on legislative issues, substances, Celebrities and significantly more. It's recorded as the second biggest gossip media since its tattle/big name classification contains the most blazing and effectively stylish gossip and VIP tattles and news. Posting data on legislative issues, Nigerian VIP news, occasions and so forth., it is one of the biggest naija news blog since it contains the most smoking and effectively popular naija gossip.

4. StellaDimokoKorkus.com 

Stelladimokokorkus blog highlights superstar substances, amusement news, governmental issues and a great deal. It is possessed and oversaw by Stella Dimoko Korkus, a Nigerian blogger situated in Germany who began as a columnist, at that point quit her place of employment and depended on blogging full-time. She once called her blog "jack of all exchange" on the web. She very puts it that blogging isn't simple in an ongoing talk with me, yet she has had the option to make this magnum opus blog additional time. On the off chance that there's a blogger in Nigeria who truly writes and profoundly esteem the idea of initially composed substance, it will be Mrs Stella Dimoko Korkus.

5. Informationng.com 

It is one of the top Naija gossip blogs in Nigeria where Nigerian superstar news, amusement news, occasions news thus substantially more can be found. With more than 100,000 viewers regularly, this blog includes the most sizzling and freshest of news. As indicated by Alexa, informationng.com is positioned 56th situation in Nigeria and the explanation it is right now the best tattle destinations in Nigeria.

6. Naijabloggersgossip

Naijabloggersgossip is one of the most scandals and controversial blog in Nigeria, founded in 2019. Because of the blog Unique contents and big time gossiping makes us to ranked it as no #6 in the game. The most amazing thing about this Blog is the author remain anonymous, gossiping behind the screen. This particular blog don't send your fada whether you're pro blogger in Nigeria, celebrity, musician or politician. Once they find a peace to write about you the author will definitely keep your ass of the ground. Naijabloggersgossip is growing faster despite its launched on blogspot blog, the blog is getting average of 50,000 daily visitors as of last year 2019.

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