How to make money as a web designer after your NYSC service

How to make money as a web designer

Web design skill has been so far profitable in Nigeria as a lot of small entrepreneurs and start-ups trying to have online presence now aday. As a corps member, you can learn web design from the scratched but I will advice you to focus on WordPress because it doesn't requires too much coding or programing technics.

For those that will have interest in web design you can hire a web designer to teach you web design after you have deployed to your PPA. It may probably take you 1 to 2 months before you can master web design on WordPress platform. Depending on your effort and schedules.

3 ways to successfully make money as a web designer in Nigeria

1. After learning web design as NYSC corps member, you can create a professional profile on where you can offer your services to local and international clients. Hundreds of thousands of web designers in Nigeria have been making millions of Naira online by providing their services on

Briefly, fiverr is a global and trusted platform that connect clients with freelancers. As long as you're good in any digital skills ranging from web design, graphics design, video editing, curating contents and lot more, you can simply leverage your expertise on it's very simple, you just have to create a profile using your gmail account, state your services and tag your charges.

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2. As a professional web designer, you can meet clients one-on-one and introduce your services to them such as organizations that are into digital marketing. Most of these organizations are looking for a professional web designer that can help them manage their website. Especially, in Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna and Port Harcourt. If I were you I will choose one of these states during my NYSC service. There is no time to waste time, is either you fail to plan or you plan to fail.

3. Furthermore, you can also create your personal blog and showcase your expertise while making money by providing online courses. This is one of the most simplest way to make money online right from your room in Nigeria. Also, I will dig down how to create your brand online and attract clients. Subscribe to Bilaltechi updates so that I can be able to inform you via newsletter when ever you're offline.

There are many ways to leverage web designing. Actually, the charges for web design in Nigeria differs, depending on how large the project is and the way you brand yourself as a professional web designer. Some professional web designers charges from 50,000 Naira to 2 million Naira in Nigeria.

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Web design in Nigeria

conclusion: Before you start learning web design make sure you have a reasonable personal computer. I mean correct laptop not 20k grade. You can get HP computer worth 60,000Naira in Nigeria. Correct one!

Also, buy a flash at least 16GB or 36GB so that you can store your packages to avoid unnecessary lose because sometimes your computer might be affected with virus, hence reinstall from your flash. You most have a PayPal account in order to receive your payment on once you hit a deal with your clients.

Nevertheless, I will share with you on how to successfully create PayPal account in Nigeria. Last last, don't wait for government to offer you a white collar job as you can never get it easily unless God answered your prayer.

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There are many skills which you can learn and make money from it after your NYSC service. Learn now and unleash the beast. Happy service and see you in the camp for those that will serve in  Abuja, I'm coming there.

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