How to successfully get loan on renmoney without a collateral

Renmoney loan without a collateral

The presence of internet today made it easier for start-ups and small business entrepreneurs from getting investors online in Nigeria down to getting loan online worth enough to fully run your small business without encountering financial problems. Today, I'm going to take you through on how to successfully get loan on renmoney without a collateral. If you have been facing difficulties in getting loan online to solve your financial problems, renmoney will, of course, and surely be a solution to your problem. Let me briefly pen down what is renmoney and how you can quickly get loan on renmoney.

What is renmoney?

Well, renmoney is a fast growing and leading Microfinance Bank in Lagos launched in 2012. The company aimed to provide financial support to business owners and individuals living in Nigeria. It's one of the most trusted and recommended go-to-place for loan application in Nigeria.

Renmoney gives loan to Nigerians without a collateral or guarantor(s). Research shows that renmoney has given loan to over 200,000 small business entrepreneurs and individuals living in Nigeria.

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Renmoney application procedures and how to successfully get loan on renmoney  without a collateral

To successfully get loan on renmoney without a collateral you need to visit renmoney official website. Note that the link we provided here is the official website for renmoney. Therefore, disregard any trends on social media by fake site(s) claiming to be renmoney partners.

Renmoney doesn't have any partners as of now, once they have collaborated with any company or loan organization in Nigeria we would inform you here on you can share this information to safe someone from been scammed.

You may probably come across website like (with double letter "e")  beware that the official renmoney website is and any information on is legit and official. Whether you're using mobile phone or PC to apply for renmoney loan it's still the same procedures. Now, let us see how to successfully apply for renmoney loan in 5 minutes.

After visiting renmoney official website, provide your email address and password. These are the most important login details you should provide before having access to apply for renmoney  loan online.

Provide other information as required. Fill in the application form and click on submit. After submitting the application wait for a while as renmoney have to verify and approve your application.

Once it's been approved, renmoney will notify you that your application has been successfully approved and you will be informed when the money will be sent to your bank account.

Make sure you provide the account details correctly so that your money won't land on someone else account. I will advice you to request a loan which you can pay back once you reach the repayment duration.

The repayment term is between 1 month and 12 good months. Cool enough to invest and make profit. Also, you can get loan from 50,000 Naira to 4 million Naira on renmoney. Depending on how much you want to borrow from renmoney.

Take note that renmoney doesn't allow double application. Meanwhile, renmoney only allows having one loan at a time and applying for only one loan. Once renmoney noticed that you borrowed money from another platform(s) such as sokoloan and 9ja cash they will suspend you or withdraw your application. If you want to apply for another loan on renmoney make sure you have pay back the first loan you were given on renmoney.

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Requirements needed to successfully get loan on renmoney without a collateral

This is a "must" if you really want to successfully get loan on renmoney. Chill guy, some of these requirements aren't necessary before getting loan on renmoney in Nigeria. The reason why renmoney requested every individual to meet up the requirements before getting loan on renmoney is because, the company want to secure the fund and making sure that renmoney give loan to the right person. Here are the requirements needed to successfully get loan on renmoney in Nigeria.

  1. Nigeria local bank account is required. You don't need to create PayPal account or pioneer account before applying for renmoney online.
  2. The borrower's age must be between 22 and 59 years.
  3. Official statement of your bank account is required.
  4. Clean and well shoot passport photography. I recommend using passport with white or red background.
  5. Staff ID card is required.
  6. The Recent utility bill should be provided to successfully get loan on renmoney.
  7.  ID card or valid document required.
  8. Provide a letter from HR of the company or organization that you're working.
  9. Credit bureau report of previous loan needed. If you have used renmoney before.
  10. You must be working and evidence of your monthly salary is required. Not necessarily a government job.
  11. Tax or pension identification number is required.

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Renmoney branches to apply for loan in Nigeria

To get rid of all this online application stuff you can kindly visit any renmoney branch in Lagos to get loan fast without providing too much information online. Here are the official renmoney branches to apply for loan in Nigeria. You can also contact their customer care at or call 07005000500 or 07007366639

Branch        Address

Head office 23, Awolowo Road Ikoyi,              Lagos, Nigeria

Marina 27-29 Odunlami Street, Marina

Ikeja Pentagon Plaza, 23 Opebi Road, Ikeja.

Lekki F61 & F62 Road 3, Ikota Shopping Complex, Ikota, Lekki-Ajah.

Surulere Kings Plaza, 80, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere.

Conclusion: Renmoney is one of the most trusted platform to successfully get loan in Nigeria. You can get loan as lowest as 50,000naira and as tangible as 4 million Naira within 24 hours once you meet up their requirements. Renmoney repayment term is between 1 month to 12 good months. Renmoney interest rate depends on when you decide to pay back the loan within the required time frame and 33.9% is estimated interest rate for the 12 months repayment. But if you decide to pay back in less than a month or 2 to 3 months the interest rate should be much lesser. ENJOY RENMONEY!

Please don't forget to share as you might help someone on your timeline. And if you have any compliance drop your comment below, I will respond you ASAP. Thank you!

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