Student shocked global tech gurus with her newly invented smart shoes designed for the blinds

Shanzar Munir invented smart shoes
Credit: Nexttv

A Pakistan student, Shanzar Munir is one of the info tech (IT) students from Faisalabad (Pakistan) designed a detective shoes for those having visual impairment. The innovation was initially part of Shanzar Munir's University project which eventually shocked many global tech gurus and became a word of expression on many press media in Pakistan.

The "smart shoes" was mainly invented to help blind people. The shoes can easily detect any obstacles coming in their direction and alert the user within a defined radius of 200cm. The smart shoes was designed with an embedded vibration sensor that will ALERT the user about any obstacles approaching towards his or her direction.

According to nexttv, the manufacturing cost is estimated at Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 which is equivalent to 50,749.36naira and 60,899.23naira

Smart shoes designed by Shanzar Munir
Smart shoes designed by Shanzar Munir

Shanzar Munir have shown much willingness to help individuals having visual impairment if the authorities gives more concern on the invention.

There will be much more interest in smart shoes products once the authorities take a serious action and give a maximum support to Shanzar Munir. And off course, the manufacturing cost will be reduced as well as the price will be affordable to buy from larger marketplaces.

This is one of the achievement  conquered by pakistani and probably can be the next big thing in technology. The invention of smart shoes for the blinds dropped the attention of tech gurus to think big and craft innovations that can bridge the gap between human and technology. Not only in Pakistan will smart shoes be useful, we also believe that the world would be proud of Shanzar Munir.


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