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BILAL TECH MEDIA is a fast growing and leading technology media based in Nigeria, shouting technology beyond the horizon. We aimed to trend latest tech inventions that bridge the gap between human and technology.

We cover a wide scope of African innovation related news and topics, such as start-ups, advancement, gadgets and business in tech, and how they influence our day-to-day lives. We serve a significant and quickly developing tech network in Africa. We talk about how life and innovation converge and sway various people, organizations, and social orders in our inexorably interconnected world.

We cover resourceful news, reviews, investigations, as well as presenting to you the most recent in technology advancement and leaps forward.

We have an energetic publication/editorial team that focused on detailing all the advancements in technological innovations in a simple and easy to digest contents. We cover both thoughtful, amazing and significant scope of topics.


Our publication/editorial group involve hardworking and devoted editors and authors. The group works nonstop to convey news, audits, reports and analysis on technological innovations that are molding our continent.


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  1. Bilal you are so wonderful... I don't have a car but I find so much interesting stuff to read on your blog. I would like to know more about you bro. And also, I will love it if you can share more ideas on how to start a blog because your contents and voice in words makes me to drive interest for Blogging. How I wish I can owned a blog like this. You are doing great bro

    1. Welcome my friend. I'm glad to see you here. We are looking forward to make Bilaltechi blog no. 1 online base for techprenuers. I will be writing on Blogging guide here. Welcome to the community of blogggers


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