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Are you a business owner or organization that recognizes the extreme power of creating and marketing “how-to” information products like books, audio CDs, videos, DVDs, and multimedia products? Are you an author, professional speaker, consultant, celebrity or content topic expert?

If you answered "yes" to either of the questions above, then we can help you create, develop, produce, package, price, and market your expertise into profitable information products and services.


Informational products can be used for ethical bribes to capture visitor information on your website or as special reports, bonuses, up-sell offers, package deals, or just to help educate your prospects and position you and your organization as the preferred expert on a topic. You can give them away free or use them as a revenue stream… the options are endless.

Oh… did we forget to say they can be extremely profitable too? We should know…

How We Can Help

Bilaltechi and its CEO, Bilal A. Yusuf, have created and sold hundreds of dollars worth of innovative “how-to” information products, seminars, physical products, and digital downloadable products ranging from free to over huge charges. In fact, Bilaltechi is regarded as one of the top information marketing blog in the country.

We’ve helped thousands of people in a wide variety of industries and expertise identify, create, and sell their own informational products and services too.

What Next?

The next step is to discuss what your goals are and the audience you are trying to reach. We want to know about your values and services. Once we have a feel for who you are and what you do, we can begin looking for ways to create and market your information products.


Question: I don't have a blog/website please how can I promote my products?

Answer: well, you must not have a blog/website before you can promote your products online. But in the off chance that you owned a blog/website that generate huge traffic like, you will have more opportunities to boost your information marketing. Besides, many website owners went extra mile to promote their products on other popular blogs/websites. Therefore, it's not necessary for you to owned a blog/website before you can venture into this "hot cake" niche (info. Marketing).

We can help you promote your products through our sponsored posts. Cheers! While getting thousands of sales.

what specific products can I sell online?

Answer: info. Marketing doesn't have a specific products to sale online. It's a multi-niche that touches every aspect of human demands. Info. Marketing is about providing a solution to a problem "how to" that people seeking around both online/offline. For instance, if you're a good cook, meaning that, you know how to cook different types of food, you can start writing e-books or make a clean video and promote it on popular blogs and YouTube channel.
Note: I cited example with food for easy understanding because this is what everybody cannot do without

This can be applied in so many things that you may think of. Now, think of what you are good at ( I mean your skill/expertise) try to hit a search on google, scrow down and look for "related searches" or "people also ask". These are suggested keywords that other people also search on Google related to your input.

Google search

This will make you understand that there are millions of folks out there looking for where to source more information about your skill.

Related keywords

We have selected some powerful e-books for you that will guide you and give you more ideas on information marketing

What we do
  • We help info. Marketers promote and sale their products online.
  • We provide mighty tips on how to start info. Marketing for free (e-books)
  • We right a review on tech devices for a full insight before we suggest a product for your visitors to buy online.
  • Our review is base on hand-picked products, its quality, features and price.
  • We write curative and informative tech guides and tech solutions.
  • We accept quest post at Bilaltechi blog
  • We write quality SEO contents and evergreen articles for other blogs.
  • We develop any kind of mobile app (Android and IOS)
  • We provide free e-books on blogging and app development tutorials
  • We provide best "tips and tricks" and "how tos" for all tech related devices e.g smartphones, iphone, notepad, and PCs etc. 
  • We help both newbie Bloggers and app developers grow their online business.
  • We guide on how to run a successful blog.
  • We do more and better things that other tech blogs can't do.
  • We don't just provide tech guides, rather we also tell you the facts about how to make money online. 
  • We make Bilaltechi blog the best website to hang around 24/7 with best tutorials and a place to katch fun.
  • We are the ultimate tech blog with the mind to deliver better information.
  • If you want to know more about us, use the contact channels below. Your guest post and sponsored posts are welcome!


Call&whatsapp: +2348069830560

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Twitter: Bilaltechi

The secret behind

Don't wait for opportunity. Make a move to day with this info. Marketing e-book.

You can also download our chat app. lets keep in touch over there.

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