It's cool for making a decision to reach more audience and customers. I won't convince you to advertise on my platform like what other blogs/websites are doing (that doesn't means I'm the best, but I'm not like the rest) because you know what you're looking for, you know your targeted audience.

Therefore, if you think is the right place to breastfeed your business by reaching more audience online, well you're welcome. Honestly, I have a sizeable audience from 36 states in Nigeria and also from five (5) geographical regions of United State (USA) and as well as countries like India, south Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

I have large number of visitors, friends, brothers, sisters and customers from Nigeria and different angles of the world (as mentioned above) who are ready to buy any valuable products that I recommend for them on my platform. So, don't be skeptical about taking the chance of advertising your products in this blog.

If you're rest assured that you're satisfied with the services that I will offer to you and you trust my deal then, you can contact me for sponsored post and banner advert on

I don't buy and sale products (I only advertise my architectural designs on a separate page) but I can help your business with the following:

  • Connecting you with the right customers
  • Connecting you with the trusted dealers
  • Reaching your targeted audience through my platform

Not all advertising agencies (blogs/websites) like to disclose their site traffic. But for the sake of reference and to give you a genuine proofs. Therefore, I would like you to check a screenshot below.

Bilaltechi first 5 post views

Screenshot>> after one month plus 4 days of launching

So, you can imagine the total traffic I'm generating monthly from this blog. And guess what?

Your advert (sponsored post only) will stay live on this blog until is no longer existing. Meaning that you will enjoy my services for a decade of time as I hit more new and returning visitors on daily basis.

For sponsored post, I can write a curative and informative contents about your business (charges applied) that will catch the attention of my visitors and present your business to them legitimately.

For banner ads, you can send me your banner(s) via my contact channels below. I suggest you should make the banner yourself as you know more ways to present your business to your customers through banner ads.

For car adverts, I charge base on percentage (%) depending on the model and its current price in the marketplace (you only pay when advert convert) when you hit a sale through my advertising channels. I'm not after how much you decide to sale. I only consider the current price of the car in the marketplace which is also a bonus to you when advertising a car on my platform. And you can decide to pay for only advert without being charged for a sale. Depending on your advert budget. Feel free to contact me for any services mentioned above. Your adverts and sponsored posts are welcomed!

Note: clean and responsive banners catch the most attention!

Reach me now and anytime to book the available spaces

Call+whatsapp: +2348143556824

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